Dear Parents & Guardians,

A very warm and happy welcome to the St. Mary’s English Medium School learning community. We look forward to sharing an exceptional academic relationship with you, one that will be supportive and successful.

As the Head Master of St.Mary’s School,
I am dedicated to the overall development of children, creating an environment that is stimulating and demanding so that every child can reach their full potential. At St. Mary’s School, we give students of all abilities the chance to fly by making learning irresistible. Our kids feel free to grow intellectually and creatively as independent learners.
Above all I want children in my school to be happy, and develop skills to become caring, responsible members of society and have a love of learning and lively inquisitive minds.

To us “children comes first”. At St. Mary’s, we believe in developing our students in four aspects, which are academic, spiritually, physically and culturally in line with our purpose vision and values. Bringing out the best in each child is our constant aim. We believe that children should receive a broad, balanced and child-centred education. As a result, our youth will be better prepared to handle the demands of life in the 21st century, wherever they may live in the world. They will also develop an effective combination of creativity, confidence, and courtesy.

We constantly monitor and update with the latest trends and innovations in education community and elsewhere to bring the best practice for our children in accordance with the highest standards. Being part of the St. Mary’s family is the best decision you can make for your child’s future.

Thank you.
Head Master.

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